By agreeing to become a customer (hereby referred to as “you”) of Refined Precious Metals (as registered at 17-21 Hatton Wall London EC1N and hereby referred to as “We”or “RPM”) you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Any gold or precious metals and property you send us for sale and/or evaluation will hereby be referred to as “Items” or “Property”.

1. Customer Statement 

1.1 the property is yours to sell;
1.2 the items that are evaluated by and/or sold to RPM are free of all liabilities and liens;
1.3 the items are not held or created from the result of any illegal activity in the United Kingdom or any other country;
1.4 any transactions initiated by you will not be in violation of, or cause RPM to be in violation of, any anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism, or any other applicable laws of any country;
1.5 you are the legal owner of the items and therefore have full license to sell the items to RPM. We may, before agreeing to purchase the items, decide to ask you to prove your ownership of the items.
1.6 you are eighteen (18) years of age, or above;
1.7 you reside in the United Kingdom;
1.8 you are acting as an individual and not as an agent of a business or your profession; and
1.9 you are acting as an individual and not on behalf of another person.

2. Postage, Packaging and Insuring Your Items

 2.1 All items sent to RPM must be sent either with the supplied packaging and postal delivery service that can be found in your “GoldPak” (Royal Mail Special Delivery) or by a reputable carrier that enables you, as their customer, to trace your package. The package tracing service provided by Royal Mail, or the carrier of your choice, will be the only evidence that proves your items were dispatched to RPM. WE STONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU LIST THE NUMBER OF ITEMS ON THE PROVIDED CUSTOMER FORM.
2.2 In the event that you use the GoldPak that RPM provides to send your items, they will automatically be insured to the value of five hundred pounds (£500). You will need a signed receipt (obtained when handing the Special Delivery bag to your collection driver or Post Office branch) to be automatically insured. If you believe the items that you are sending RPM are worth more than five hundred pounds (£500) it is you, the customer's, responsibility to purchase additional insurance to the appropriate value and at your own expense, should you wish to do so.
2.3 In the event that you do not use the GoldPak packaging you must insure your items to their full value with your chosen carrier and be prepared to make a claim against said carrier, should your item become lost or stolen during the carriage process.
2.4 RPM reserves the right to reject the delivery of any package(s) which appear to have been tampered with, damaged or opened prior to delivery of said package(s).

 3. Damage Occurring During Item Testing, Dangerous Goods, Precious Metals, Precious/Semi-Precious Stones and Fake Jewellery

3.1 Damage Occurring During Item Testing
By sending your items to RPM you agree to allow RPM to perform potentially destructive tests on your items. These tests are used to determine the value of your items and can involve applying acids to the property which may result in permanent scratches, marks and stains. You also agree that RPM is under no legal obligation to return or protect any bits of your items that consist of non-precious metals, whether you choose to accept RPM's valuation (and subsequent purchase offer) or not.
3.2 Dangerous Goods
RPM will not purchase any precious metals which are considered to be hazardous materials. Do not use the GoldPak Special Delivery bag or any other carrier to send hazardous materials to RPM. This includes any metals or alloys containing lead, nickel, tin, any toxic elements, or any of the following: beryllium, bismuth, mercury and tellurium.
3.3 Precious Metals
RPM's valuations are based on the weight and the fineness of the metal in your items, not the value of the property as a complete piece of jewellery (or whatever form your unwanted precious metals may reach us in). Therefore, you may find that the item is worth more intact than the price that RPM offers for the metal contained within the item.
3.4 Precious/Semi-Precious Stones
RPM does not buy precious or semi-precious stones. When you send RPM your metals be sure that you have removed any bits of the items that we would consider extraneous, this includes precious and semi-precious stones found in your jewellery. It may be possible to return bits of items that you send us that are non-precious metals for a fee of six pounds fifty (£6.50), but you agree that RPM is under no legal obligation to do so.
3.5 Items That Are NOT Precious Metals
RPM will not purchase non-precious metals, such as those found in costume jewellery. If we ascertain upon testing that your items do not contain precious metals we will notify you and, should you decide that you no longer wish to keep the items, we will discard them. If you decide that you want your items returned this can be arranged, but this is subject to a fee of ten pounds (£10.00) to cover postage and administration. You must notify RPM of your decision within seven (7) days of the date that we inform you that your items do not contain precious metals OR or you must have previously indicated that you would like your items returned on the form located on the GoldPak envelope. If you do not contact RPM within this period your items will be discarded. The ten pound (£10.00) payment must be received before your items can be dispatched. If RPM are purchasing parts of your items that ARE precious metals and you wish to have any parts of your items that are not precious metals returned, there will be a fee of six pounds fifty (£6.50), which will be deducted from our payment to you for the precious metals.

4. Limitation Of Liability

 4.1 RPM will not be liable for damage occurring during the item testing process (as described in clause 3) except that which is caused by our negligence.
4.2 This does not limit our liability for: death or personal injury caused by our negligence; OR fraud; OR any matter for which it would be illegal to exclude or attempt to exclude our liability.
4.3 We are not responsible for indirect losses which happen as a side effect to the main loss or damage, including, but not limited to: loss of income or revenue; OR loss of business; OR loss of anticipated savings; OR loss of data; OR any waste of time. However, this clause (4.3) does not prevent claims for foreseeable loss of, or damage, to your items.
4.4 Without the detriment of any of these conditions, any liability of RPM to you shall be limited to the unwrought value of by weight of the metal contained in the item.
4.5 If you wish to make a claim for loss, or damage, to your items to RPM, you must request a claim form from us. Said claim form must be completed as fully and as accurately as possible and sent to RPM. If the items are lost before RPM makes its valuation you will need to enclose evidence of the items' value. It is for this reason that we recommend you take a photograph of your items before they are dispatched to RPM.

5. Your Payment

 5.1 RPM will endeavour to determine the value and issue payment (via the method that you indicated on the form enclosed in your GoldPak) for your items within one (1) business day of taking delivery of those items. RPM will send you a payment notification email containing the payment amount and a declaration of our intention to purchase the items from you on the same day that we issue said payment.
5.2 If you opt to receive your payment as a bank transfer and your bank utilises the Fast Payment Scheme, your payment from RPM can clear on the day we receive your items. However, we will usually send it on the following business day. Cash payments are sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery (at a charge of six pounds fifty [£6.50], deducted from your payment) and will therefore should reach you within twenty-four (24) hours of their dispatch. Cheques will take the longest to reach you as they are sent via regular mail. RPM cannot guarantee a delivery time for your payments.
5.3 All payments made from RPM to you, the customer, will include VAT.

6. Returning Your Items And Payments

In the event that you decide not to accept our valuation, you must inform RPM and return your payment within seven (7) days of receiving the aforementioned (see clause 5.1) payment notification email and we will return your items within thirty 30 (days). If you asked to be paid for your items by cheque and you have cashed said cheque then you cannot cancel that sale of your items.

7. Ownership

Once you have received your payment, ownership of the items will pass to RPM.

8. Postal Insurance On Returned Items

When RPM are returning your items they will be sent via Royal Mail Second Class post and the package will therefore be insured up to the value of one hundred (100) first class stamps at the first weight step. Any items above this value will be sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery, which will be insured to a maximum value of two-thousand five-hundred pounds (£2,500). Items of a larger value can be sent if you contact RPM before your items are dispatched and agree to pay for extra insurance.

9. Choice Of Law

There terms and conditions shall be governed by English law and we both agree to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

10. Waiver

RPM's failure to exercise or enforce any right or provision of the same terms and conditions will not be deemed to be a waiver of such right or provision.

11. Severability

If any court or competent authority decides that any of the provisions of these terms and conditions are invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any extent, the term will, to that extent only, be severed from the remaining terms, which will continue to be valid to the fullest extent permitted by the law.

12. The Contracts (Rights Of The Third Parties) Act 1999

A person who is not party to these terms and conditions shall not have any rights under or in connection with them under the Contracts (Rights Of The Third Parties) Act 1999.

13. Assignment

We may transfer all or any of our rights and obligations under these terms and conditions to another organisation, but this will not affect your rights under these terms and conditions.

14. Changes To The Terms And Conditions

14.1 We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions and recommend you visit our website at http://www.rpm.co.uk to verify that you are aware of the most recent set of terms and conditions. Any changes to the terms and conditions will be indicated on the RPM website.
14.2 If the terms and conditions change, you will be subject to the terms and conditions current at the time that you sell your items to us, unless RPM is required to adjust that set of terms and conditions by law or government authority.

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