Melting Services at RPM Gold

Turn your precious metal waste into cash!

Services available:
We not only buy your scrap gold, but we also provide the following services using our on-site melting facilities.
  • We can melt almost all forms of mixed or low-quality precious metal waste into one bar. This will ensure the most precise percentage purity results and will allow for a more accurate price to be paid.
  • We can melt your scrap down into investment bars for future sales.
  • We melt/burn Bench Lemels, Sweeps and dental waste into a sellable form.
  • We offer a same day assaying service for gold and silver bars providing samples are in before 10:30am.
  • We provide Platinum and Palladium assaying services. The results are usually available within a week.
If you wish to oversee the melting process, please make sure to call and book in advance. Unfortunately, this may not always be possible due to availability. 





The prices below are the standard rate. However, please be aware they may vary depending on quantity. 

  • Melt Only – £30
  • Melt & Sell – £20
  • Assay Only – £30
  • Melt, Assay – £60
  • Melt, Assay & Sell – £40
  • Over 100 Grams Mixed Metal Melt & Assay – £50 (AU,PT) £75 (AU, PT, PD & AG)
  • Sweep burning and Assaying – £95

To make our process run as smooth and as efficient as possible here are a few things we ask of you beforehand.

  • Ensure all magnetic material has been removed prior to melting.
  • We will not process sweeps that have any materials such as rubber, plastics, carpets or obvious non precious waste.
  • For the safety of our staff, please ensure all watch batteries have been removed.
  • In order to melt rolled/low-grade gold, it must weigh a minimum of 1 kilogram.
  • If you are bringing in Goldleaf, make sure it is separated for ease of processing.