RPM-GOLD, Refined Precious Metals, Hatton Garden, Shopfront

Refined Precious Metals  

Refined Precious Metals (RPM) Ltd. started trading as Banks Assays in 1986. Six years later RPM was established (in conjunction with Banks Assays) and began processing precious metals.  
As a family business with an impeccable reputation, RPM has gained the experience and expertise of an established specialist company in its field of precious metals, this combined with a young and experienced energetic team. Offer the highest standards and are always striving to improve the services we offer.

We have recently introduced our new postal service, of which we are very proud. We feel we can be very competitive in this field and offer a much better service and rates to our customers than many of the gold postal services that have appeared in recent months. Unlike many online postal services we offer an experienced team making sure all your gold is tested and that you receive it’s full and true value. We have a long history and an established buying counter in Hatton Garden giving you the option to drop in with your gold and deal with our team face to face or see your gold melted and assayed.   

RPM's main purpose is processing of all precious metal bearing waste.  We offer a full melt and assay service including the processing of floor sweeps, bench sweeps and lemmels   We also process floor carpets and all precious metal bearing liquids and sludges. RPM not only caters for the jewellery trade, but  are specialists in the reclamation service of all dentistry waste.  


What we buy
Gold Coins Full Sovereigns Kruggerands
Any Dental Gold Gents Rings Lockets
Bangles Gold Bought Abroad Necklaces
Bent/Broken Jewellery Gold Brooches Rings
Bracelets Gold Coins Signet Rings
Chains Gold Ingots Stone Set Rings
Coin Rings Gold Pendants Tangled Gold Chains
Earrings Gold Watches White Gold
Items with missing stones Half Sovereigns Un-hallmarked Gold