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How long does it take for me to get my cash?
We aim to process your goldpack on the day of receipt. Using the Royal mail Special Delivery (Next Day) service, we would aim to have your money back to you within 48hours.
How safe is the postage?
We use Royal Mail Special delivery services only, this ensures all packages are kept safe and are fully insured for backup purposes.
The Calculator mentions that it gives an estimate? So just what is the true value of my items?
The price of gold is agreed and fixed in London twice daily (AM & PM). This is called the "Gold Fix" price. As this changes daily, the price between you sending the package and us receiving can change. So the calculator is only an estimate based on the prices in our systems on the day. We will always contact you upon receipt of your GoldPak to confirm the price and if you wish to proceed.
What types of precious metals do you buy?
We mainly buy; Gold, Silver, Platinum, however we do buy other types, please contact us for more information.
How is the fineness measured?
Fineness is measured by how many parts per thousand are pure. You can often tell the fineness of your gold by the number, or hallmark that is written on it. One popular English hallmark is 375, or 9ct, which means the gold's fineness is 375 parts per thousand (37.5%) pure. Please note that a number on its own - without an official assay office stamp - it's not considered a hallmark and does not necessarily represent the true fineness of the article in question.
What if some of my items aren't gold?
If you desire, we can test your items to see if they are gold. However, we charge a return fee of £10 to cover administration and postage if the precious metals material is not sold to us. If the material is sold to us then postage will only be charged if it is a cash payment or if extra bits of non precious metal and stones needs returning. The £10 will have to be received before we can return the goods.
What we buy
Gold Coins Full Sovereigns Kruggerands
Any Dental Gold Gents Rings Lockets
Bangles Gold Bought Abroad Necklaces
Bent/Broken Jewellery Gold Brooches Rings
Bracelets Gold Coins Signet Rings
Chains Gold Ingots Stone Set Rings
Coin Rings Gold Pendants Tangled Gold Chains
Earrings Gold Watches White Gold
Items with missing stones Half Sovereigns Un-hallmarked Gold