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RPM is one of the biggest refineries of precious metals in the world famous Hatton Garden. We deliver the best rates to trade and public!

RPM are highly competitive in price - Check the Estimater and compare us

Welcome to the Refined Precious Metals website. RPM offers the most competitive pricing around. We have our own shop and our own refinery, so you can be sure not only that you will be getting the best price, but that – if you're in the London area – you can also pop in and meet us face to face.

With RPM, selling your gold and precious metal is easy. To turn your unwanted gold into cash all you need to do is follow the simple steps below.

Use our Gold Esitmator. We pride ourselves on the best prices around. Apply for your free postage-paid Goldpak and post your items. We can pay you via bank transaction, cheque or cash. We guarantee you the best price compared to other postal services.
What we buy
Gold Coins Full Sovereigns Kruggerands
Any Dental Gold Gents Rings Lockets
Bangles Gold Bought Abroad Necklaces
Bent/Broken Jewellery Gold Brooches Rings
Bracelets Gold Coins Signet Rings
Chains Gold Ingots Stone Set Rings
Coin Rings Gold Pendants Tangled Gold Chains
Earrings Gold Watches White Gold
Items with missing stones Half Sovereigns Un-hallmarked Gold